The use of respondents is needed by our clients for use in focus groups, one-on-one interviews and a range of other types of discussion to voice their thoughts on a potential brand, new products or an advertising campaign.

These groups or interviews are usually conducted with a moderator and can last for varying lengths of time, but usually between 1-2 hours.

A monetary incentive is also provided for taking part in the research and this can range from as little as £30-£300, highlighting the rewards and benefits associated with being involved in these groups.

We employ a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure all respondents match the type of profile we want to promote and provide to our clients, so we therefore ask for some personal details if we feel they may match a particular focus groups and relevant brand or product discussion. We retain your details and never share or pass them to other companies, ensuring we follow the Data Protection Act and we follow the code of conduct set out by the Market Research Society (MRS).

The benefits of taking part in market research projects are:

The monetary incentive

Discussion with different people and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Frank and honest conversation about a potential product

Your ability to directly shape the future of a potential brand or product placement

The ease of taking part due to our registration and contact being free of charge

The opportunity to give your thoughts on a range of different ideas