Client Services


Do you need to recruit high calibre people which match specific criteria?

Focus Points has a wide range of client services which has made us one of the most respected market research companies in the United Kingdom.

We are a highly successful independent market research recruitment company with an extensive database and access to respondents that are individually screened for qualitative focus groups.

We pride ourselves on a personal recruitment and attentive customer service to ensure both our clients and respondents needs are accommodated.

With our years of experience, we successfully recruit and respond to both respondents and companies.

Our expansive respondents database has expanded to include wide-ranging reliable, articulate, punctual and most importantly, creative respondents, who will provide honest and excellent feedback to companies wishing to use our services.

We help small business and some of Britain’s biggest companies alike conduct qualitative market research which helps promote new products or an innovative advertising idea.

The use of our vetted database, one which we personally and rigorously check enables us to recruit respondents for the myriad types of qualitative market research projects that our clients may wish to carry out. This  personal screening of all potential respondents highlights our ability to provide clients with reliable, informative and honest respondents who are willing to fairly comment on market research products.

We primarily operate in London and Surrey and we ensure that all our respondents fit the mould for the potential research project clients wish to undertake, with our team also informing the attendance of potential respondents at least a day before the project date, highlighting our efficient and effective procedures. If circumstances dictate that a respondent cannot attend, we always attempt to find replacements immediately, reiterating our efficiency.

The respect and trust we have therefore garnered in the industry has provided us with a range of clientele who believe in our ability to consistently and convincingly provide respondents suited for market research projects.