About Us


The company was created in the UK in 2002 and was initially called Tina Debono Market Research, named after the Director of the company.

Tina has now decided that in order to move the company forward, the organisation’s name will be changed to Focus Points Market Research, with the inception of this website part of this ongoing drive to expand and promote the company’s illustrious group of clients and respondents.

Tina’s ability to build the business on a multitude of platforms over many years has fostered a strong, versatile, reliable and expansive list of respondents, enabling Tina to build excellent relations with a wide-ranging client base that regularly utilises her services for varying recruitment and market research work.

Tina’s ability to not only expand her business and database, but also simultaneously meet her clients various needs has guaranteed Tina an outstanding and reliable reputation in the industry with one of our client companies opining: “We wish we had five Tina’s to work with. She is superb at what she does, is a consummate professional and always meets our deadlines.”

Tina has been IQCS trained by five companies follows the Market Research Society (MRS) code of conduct, whilst the company is a member of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The company is now growing and expanding in order to fulfil all of our client requests, with Tina utilising an excellent support team around her to maximise her ability to meet her client’s demands. Our database is becoming vast in number, with a wealth of reliable, conversational and genuine respondents, who differ in their hobbies and interests (A, B’s, C1, C2, D & E social grades).